All About Nutrition

Paleo. Keto. Macro. Which One Are You?

Paleo. Fresh Prep Life offers a balanced Paleo Membership that consists of equal portions protein, vegetables/fruits, and carbs. Because we only use the highest quality ingredients, we believe it is a valuable asset to include some grains and legumes into our Paleo meal plan. They are an extremely sustainable source of protein and fiber for the body. This plan is incredible for tri-athletes, basic weight-loss, and simple clean eating. We can also accommodate Whole 30 and Anti Inflammatory Protocol!

Keto. Fresh Prep Life offers a Ketogenic Membership that focuses on a high fat, high protein, and extremely low carb ratios. This makes the body’s metabolic system more efficient at burning fat for sustainable energy, commonly referred to as ketosis. This plan is recommended for members looking to enter ketosis, lower blood-sugar or insulin levels, or virtually eliminate grains and carbs from their daily nutrition.

Macro. Based upon the macronutrients found in your daily whole foods consumption, the Macro Membership is customized to your exact protein, carb, and fat needs. Fresh Prep Life offers all Macro based information for all of our meals. We can specifically set your membership to meet your daily macro ratios to help achieve your nutritional goals! Need help calculating your Macros? Contact Us and we will help you get started!